Kenha boss speaks after unusual traffic along Thika Road on Saturday morning

Saturday, August 22nd, 2020 13:23 |
Cranes installing the girders Garden City bridge Saturday Morning.

A delay in transporting and hoisting delicate girders for Garden City footbridge on Thika Road caused the heavy traffic experienced on Saturday Morning, Kenya National Highways Authority(Kenha) boss has said.

Kenha Director-General Peter Mundinia, said the delay was caused by unforeseen challenges in transporting and hoisting the delicate girders.

Speaking to the People Daily on Saturday Afternoon, Mr.Mundinia said by 4:30 am on Saturday, they had reached a point of 'no return' and they could not abandon the work.

"This particular bridge was a bit more delicate because it’s a girder Bridge ( 2 no. Girders joined with bracings)… transportation and hoisting, therefore, took longer than anticipated. By morning we had reached a point of no return… so we had to finish up(sic)," said Mr.Mundinia.

Kenha's earlier statement, however, indicated that the exercise would be carried out between 9.00 pm to 4:30 am.

Kenha on August 14 issued a notice to motorists about the exercise saying it would take five days to complete.

"Kenha in pursuant to Traffic Act Cap 403 sec 71 wishes to notify the general public that Thika Superhighway shall be partially closed at Garden City Mall as from Friday, 21st August 2020 to Tuesday, 25th August between 9.00 pm to 4:30 am," said Kenha.

Bodaboda riders who operate along the affected section reaped big as commuters opted for quicker means of transport.

John Kange'the, a bodaboda rider said they were forced to charge Sh100 for a distance they normally charge Sh50.

"Today we are charging Sh100 from here(Safari Park) to Allsops because the road is very congested. At Allsops, passengers have more options for matatus," said John.

Aggrieved motorists took their frustrations to social media where they criticised the roads authority for 'dragging' the construction of the foot bridges that have now taken over two years.

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