Keep football matters out of courts, pleads Nyamira FKF officials

Thursday, May 14th, 2020 00:00 |
FKF Nyamira Branch chairman Luthers Mokua speaks to the media. Photo/PD/GIBO ZACHARY

Football stakeholders in Nyamira have appealed to the fraternity to avoid court cases, to put the interest of the game first before their own.

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Nyamira branch on Wednesday, expressed their concern over the new trend of stakeholders taking each other to court, day after the other.

The stakeholders, while acknowledging the right of every aggrieved Kenyans to seek legal redress in courts, the branch officials are fearing for the worst if this new trend is not stopped at the earliest and a long lasting solution reached.

In a statement sent to media houses, the FKF Nyamira branch said the numerous cases that have been filed in court are meant to obstruct, reduce or delay the chances for success or the little efforts made in developing football in the country.

“It is obviously not healthy for our growing talents with such numerous suits in court.

They contribute to derailing the smalls gains that had already been made and acts as morale killers to our young players.

However, we acknowledge the rights of every individual to seek justice in courts wherever they feel aggrieved,” FKF Nyamira branch CEO James Mose said in a statement.

“We, as FKF Nyamira branch, hope that the cases come to an end as soon as possible to enable the young footballers and fans to return to the fields,” he said. Their concern is based on the recent cases the federation is facing.

The federation is currently embroiled in running battles with pressure groups of stakeholders who want the current officials to vacate office, since their four-year term is over and pave way for new and inclusive elections.

This stand still saw FFK taken to the local Sports Dispute Tribunal which  proposed the formation of a Normalization Committee.

FKF refused to accept the decision, and sought Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) intervention.

FIFA threw away the SDT proposal, promising to meet the opposing parties and the government to chat a way forward, something that is still pending owing to the current status of coronavirus globally.

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