KCSE 2020: List of top 10 most improved students and their schools

Monday, May 10th, 2021 19:55 |
Cheruiyott Bett was named the most improved boy countrywide.

The release of the 2020 KCSE results came with massive celebrations countrywide as top students, their relatives and schools broke into songs and dances.

It is always an extremely thrilling moment for few candidates who emerge in the list of top 10 best performers countrywide.

In the 2020 KCSE results, Education CS George Magoha had a special tribute to few candidates, from average secondary schools, after they defied odds and registered quality grades.

On the top of the list of top 10 candidates, who registered admirable results, is Cheruiyot Bett Dennis from Kimargis Secondary School.

Having scored 190 marks in KCPE, the future might have looked bleak to many who knew him.

But to him, it was the beginning of another four years' journey that would turn things around and earn him national recognition from the education boss.

Cheruiyot managed to score grade B- (minus) and he is on his way to the university to pursue his academic dreams.

He might not have been the best student overall, but being the most improved student is no doubt an admirable milestone that can catapult one to higher academic achievements.

Here is the list of top 10 most improved students and their schools:

  1. Cheruiyot Bett Dennis from Kimargis Secondary School. He had 190 in KCPE but scored B-.
  2. Maluti Tom from St Teresa Secondary School. He had 199 in KCPE but scored B- in KCSE.
  3. Kipees Charity from Olderkesi Secondary School scored 151 in KCPE but C+ in KCSE.
  4. Sadeya Sempeyo Hslavin from Oldekesi Secondary School. She scored 168 in KCPE to a B- in KCSE.
  5. Kamar Abdullahi from Habaswein Mixed Day Secondary School scored 163 marks in KCPE but passed in 2020 KCSE with a B-.
  6. Ruweitha Abdikadir Hassan from Hon Khalif Girls. She scored 193 in KCPE but got a B-.
  7. Siololo Parmaari Joseph of Olderkesi Secondary School had 186 marks in KCPE but in KCSE, he got a B-.
  8. Abdullahi Daud Maalim from Ademasajida Mixed Day Secondary School. He had 137 marks in KCPE but had C+.
  9. Musharaf Kerow Adan from Mandera Secondary School. He had 140 marks in KCPE but managed to get a C+.
  10. Hassan Abdullahi Osman from Wayam Secondary School. He had 168 marks in KCPE but scored a B-

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