KANU Mt. Kenya chapter dismisses letter to Uhuru by 41 MPs

Friday, January 29th, 2021 16:00 |
Mt. Kenya KANU regional chairman Njunge Mukirae.

Former ruling party, Kenya African National Union (KANU) Mt. Kenya chapter has dismissed 41 MPs from the region who wrote a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday as 'cry babies seeking attention'.

Mt.Kenya Kanu regional chairman Joseph Mukirae said that the legislators have realized that they can not progressive politically without the support of the President.

Mukirae termed the letter as weird  with unfounded and misleading contents and accused the MPs of being the stumbling blocks towards the realization of greater development in the region.

He said that the region has achieved a lot during Uhuru's tenure in office particularly in the infrastructure and agriculture sector.

"These people are only playing to the gallery because they know what the government has done for our people. Road projects are in going in almost every county in the region and particularly the  flagship Mau May road which will cut across the entire region," he said.

Speaking to PD in Kikuyu sub county, he accused the MPs of playing  dirty populist politics coated with deceit and betrayal.

"They have betrayed and disrespected the President and the people who elected them and are still going ahead and vomiting in their shoes," said the regional Kanu supremo.

"How can they assert that the government is to blame for the economic ruin being encountered 8n the region and yet they are aware that economies the world over were ruined by the Covid-19 pandemic last year," he posed.

The politician who is in charge of all the10 counties in the region reiterated that the party would continue drumming up support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) despite it's perceived rejections by majority of locals.

He said that the gross purposeof the report which will culminate to a plebiscite is to seek a lasting solution to perennial post+election violence the country has witnessed each election cycle.

He called on Kenyans to comprehensively read and fully understand the contents of the report recommendations saying that the same is tailored to unite the country and dismissed those opposed to it as enemies of unity and development.

"The head of state is the country's annointed leader and hence  can't mislead the nation by asking them to support a thing which can cause disharmony among them. BBI is all about inclusivity and therefore we as a party are ready to support it," he said.

He further said that the KANU has already started door to door campaigns aimed at popularizing Baringo senator Gideon Moi as it's 2022 Presidential candidate.

"Gideon Moi is our best bet as central region residents in 2022 and he has assured us that he will steer our area and the country to greater heights of development devoid of corruption," he said.

Mukirae revealed that plans for the party to form a coalition between Kanu and ANC are at an advanced stage.

"We hope to work with Musalia Mudavadi  because such a team can be formidable owing to the fact that both he and Gideon are not tainted by corruption," he said

He beseeched Kenyans particularly the youth to join Kanu in droves noting that the fact that it has already signed a coalition agreement with the ruling party Jubilee is an open secret that President Uhuru Kenyatta will throw his weight behind Moi come the 2022 general elections.

The chairman said that the Kanu national office had remained functional all along and that only some regional offices had slumbered particularly in the central region.

The party is very vibrant particularly in the Rift Valley and parts of the North Eastern and we are determined to follow suit and revitalize it in Mt.Kenya', he said.

The  chairman urged Mt.Kenya Kanu party leaders to start  recruiting party members and potential candidates ahead of the 2022 general election.

"Kanu will be the party to watch in future and thousands of people will stream into it in droves and that's why we should start preparing ourselves in earnest," he said.

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