Kang’ata on the spot over cash formula remark

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020 00:00 |
Meru Senator Mithika Linturi during a Senate committee’s fact finding tour of the Likoni Crossing Channel on the measures in place to curb the spread of Covid-19. Photo/PD/NDEGWA GATHUNGU

Three senators sitting in the Ad-Hoc committee on the revenue sharing formula, have accused Majority Whip Irungu Kang’ata of being a stumbling block in the stalemate.

The senators accused Kang’ata of fueling rifts within the committee, which is still carrying out its mandate.

The three: Mithika Linturi (Meru), Juma Boy (Kwale) and Mohamed Faki (Mombasa) accused Kang’ata of insinuating that the committee had hit a deadlock.

“The sentiments that Kang’ata has continued to make are creating more divisions not only in the Senate but also in the country. 

He has continued to issue threats to those opposed to his line of thought especially those from Mt Kenya, and this is bad for a leader like him,” said Linturi.

Political tool

Linturi criticised Kan’gata over his recent sentiments that leaders from Mt Kenya who are opposed to the revenue sharing plan, are enemies of the region.

He said constitutionally, they are at liberty to defend equitable share of resources to counties.

“It is irresponsible for a leader holding a key position like Kang’ata in the Senate, to continue making sentiments that are threatening the unity of the Senate and the country at large.

He should stop threatening those of us from Mt Kenya who are opposed to his stand,” added Linturi.

Senator Boy called on Kan’gata to tone down his threats and allow the team to come up with a solution to the stalemate.

Boy said the committee will not relent on pushing for a formula that is not discriminatory.

“We have  a constitutional right as senators to ensure there is equal sharing plan  without discriminating against any region,” Boy said.

Faki said  the formula should not be used as a political tool for 2022 elections.

The senators made the remarks during a tour of the Ad-Hoc committee at the Coast to assess measures in place to contain the spread of Covid-19 in Mombasa, Kwale and Kilifi counties.

On Tuesday Kang’ata, said  the committee was yet to reach a consensus on the formula to be applied in sharing revenue among devolved units.

Kang’ata expressed confidence that the third basis formula which gives more weight to population over land mass, and which is favoured by many senators from populous counties will carry the day.

“We are yet to come up with acceptable formula, but we have mature senators who will find a solution to the stand off,” he stated.

Kangata  argued that for instance, Kirinyaga County stood to get an additional Sh700 million if the third basis was adopted.

Earlier in the day, the committee chaired by Sylvia Kasanga had visited the Coast General Hospital, the Technical University of Mombasa and the Kenya Ferry  Services to assess Covid-19 containment measures in place.

Kasanga told journalists that the committee members are satisfied with measures by the Kenya Ferry Services to contain the spread of the global pandemic.

“We have made our observations and established that Kenya Ferry and the Coast General Hospital have met the required guidelines to control Covid-19,”she said.

Kasanga urged the ferry management to heighten it’s measures to control the spread of the pandemic. 

The Kenya ferry at the Likoni crossing channel has posed a headache to the management that has been unable to control traffic flow during peak hours.

 At the same time, committee member and Nominated Senator Halakhe Waqo said the committee is concerned by the level of human rights violation at Old town and Eastleigh areas, that were placed under lock down during this Covid -19 periods.

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