Kajiado liquor board mulls banning muguka

Monday, February 1st, 2021 00:00 |
Miraa crop Photo/COURTESY

Kajiado County Alcohol and Liquor Licensing Board is considering imposing a ban on miraa remnants commonly referred to as muguka in Kajiado County after a hue and cry over massive school drop-out by youngsters who resort to  petty crime to feed the addiction. 

In the recent past, there has mushroomed dens  where the stimulant miraa leaves are sold, a situation that has further been worsened by shopkeepers across various businesses including butcheries, hotels and electronics shops.

The businesses are embracing the lucrative business by erecting benches outside shops to sell muguka

Worse of all the rogue muguka sellers are selling the stimulant indiscriminatively including selling to schoolgoing children for as low as Sh10. 

Dozen of students are said to have dropped out of school and are spending time doing menial jobs and patronizing the dens. 

A spot check by People Daily confirmed the sell of the stimulant drug to uniformed school going children. 

The joints open as early as 6am and close by 10pm. Majority of youths say to prefer muguka to remain high since the product is readily available and cheaper. 

These joints are also accused of harbouring criminals increasing cases of insecurity in the populous towns of Kitengela, Ong’ata Rongai, Ngong, Kiserian and Kajiado. 

Now, the liquor licensing board chairman Jonah Marapash saying dealing with the menace is a serious crisis given that there is no clear guidelines on its licensing and regulations. 

“From the crackdowns that we have conducted, it has come to our attention that the mushrooming Muguka dens are being used to harbor criminals and selling other hard illegal drugs Shisha, Marijuana, cocaine and heroine. 

The challenge remains that muguka is not classified as an illegal substance and there is no specific regulation guidelines that control its licensing.

As a county we are working closely with all concerned stakeholders to come up with a law that regulates the sell of muguka and control its sell, “says Marapash. 

Marapash says the booming business has also increased in rural areas. 

“Chiefs have reported rampant conflicts pitting parents and children over the use of the stimulant, “says Marapash. 

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