Junet explains his Kisii sentiment, blames Tanga Tanga for spreading ‘lies’

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021 07:05 |
Minority Whip, Junet Mohammed. PHOTO/COURTESY

Suna East Member of Parliament Junet Mohammed stuck to what in he said in Nyamira last week.

Speaking on Citizen Television on Monday night, the MP said he was trying to excite the locals and his sentiments did not mean Raila Odinga's government would isolate other regions.

"What I said in Nyamira county has totally been blown out of context, been misinterpreted, misreported, misdirected.

"Campaigns are local and I was addressing the Gusii community. My statement was not based on excluding anyone," he said.

He said his Tanga Tanga opponents took advantage of the sentiments to portray Raila as a regional leader.

"I was trying to excite the people by telling them that we need to be together this time so that our numbers can be formidable as Nyanza.

"I was speaking in Gusii land, not even in Luoland. I see people who are shaken- they thought Mt Kenya was their region but that changed when Raila visited," he added.

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