Julius Bitok: A man of the people

Monday, June 21st, 2021 00:00 |

As residents of Uasin gishu it is time for us to choose leaders who have the best intentions for us.People who have proven time and time again through their actions that their heart for helping the people.

People who are going to change our lives for the better and usher our children into a new Uasin gishu.It is surely time to do things differently.

We need to chose people who have made a difference in people's lives even before the elections came around. People who have been touching lives on the ground.

Julius Bitok is one of those people who have gone out of their way to make a difference in the lives of people quietly.

He has helped train and set up businesses for members of the public who are unemployed.He has set up self empowerment projects for them like carpentry, welding,beauty(salons),catering and carwash businesses.This has helped countless unemployed youth empower their families and loved ones.

He has been in the front line supporting and empowering farmers through getting them irrigation equipment, pesticides and markets for their produce.This has ensured that the farmers get profit for their produce and support their families.

He has worked diligently to get water and electricity to the most neglected parts of Uasin gishu empowering large and small scale traders and members of the community.

He has paid hospital bills for the most vulrenable members of society who are stuck in hospitals due to unpaid bills.

He has also educated children from the neediest families getting them through primary, secondary and university.This has enabled them to come back and uplift their families and members of the community as well.

Many people love and respect him and have urged Bitok to vie for governor in 2022 to be their representative
because they believe he knows what the people need and through his actions has proven to have their best interest at heart.

When other politicians and candidates are busy spreading fake promises Bitok has put pen to paper over the years and has delivered through the goodness of his heart.

He has always put the interests and
welfare of the people of Uasin gishu before his very own.

He has done so much for the society quietly and people believe that he will do much more one elected governor.

Many appreciate his resilience because his actions have gone without recognition for years.

Many love him because has been a
refuge for many in society.He has mentored many young and old through his foundation and has taught them never to give up in life by presenting them with opportunities to empower themselves and their families.

Bitok says if he is elected for governor come next year, he
will work to ensure that the people of Uasin gishu get what they deserve which is a Uasin gishu filled with prosperity, abundance and opportunities.

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