Juja Farm road construction kicks off after countless false starts

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 19:16 |
Construction work begins on Juja Farm Road, Kiambu County after decades of false starts and empty political rhetoric.

The construction of Juja Farm road in Kiambu County has finally kicked off after decades of false starts and empty political pledges.

Roads Principal Secretary Paul Maringa and Kiambu Governor James Nyoro on Tuesday launched afresh the Sh 3.9 billion project connecting Juja town to Juja Farm and funded by Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA).

In what appeared like a false start mid last year, the then Governor Ferdinand Waititu launched a similar project that was to cost Sh 280 million purportedly from the county government coffers but it never kicked off despite having a purpoted contractor on ground.

The seven kilometers road will be done by H.Young Construction company and is expected to end a perennial headache to residents over its poor state. It will use low volume technology and is scheduled to take six months.

The PS said the road is part of Sh30 billion MauMau road project to connect Murang’a, Nyeri and Kiambu Counties from the upper sides.

"This is a critical road project that will open up the area and to enhance connectivity within the county, bearing in mind the growing population and industrial and real estate developments in the area," Maringa said.

He added that it will be part of 35km of roads being tarmacked from Gatundu to Juja and Gatuanyaga to connect industries, schools and residential areas that are coming up in Juja Farm.

"The road is a major bypass through Ma-store, Athi and Gatuanyaga in Thika and has been a perennial headache to the residents of Juja Farm estates.

“We will first do seven kilometers to Juja Farm, and then in the coming budget, we shall extend the construction to the remaining 28 kilometers through to Komo, Githima and the Garissa Highway,” said Maringa.

It will only accommodate smaller trucks for its durability and will have weighbridges to prevent heavy trucks that ferry building stones from local quarries from destroying the road .

Other roads projects in the Sub County are; extension of the Kenyatta road at a cost of Sh1 Billion, and the tarmacking of the Bob Harris road at a similar amount.

Nyoro said the road users will be relieved after years of complaining over its poor state and empty pledges by politicians.

He assured locals of casual jobs and that local quarries will provide building stones and other raw materials for its construction.

“This is a dream come true that will end the political rhetoric that has always been associated with the road. I urge the road users, especially trucks to comply with contractor guidelines as this road will be very congested when works begin,” the Governor said.

Additional Reporting By Njange Maina

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