Juja aspirant dispels rumors of withdrawing from race, finds new party

Monday, March 22nd, 2021 18:46 |

Following the withdrawal of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) from the Juja Parliamentary seat last week and going silent since, Ken Gachuma, one of the aspirants has dispelled claims that he will not be vying.

Gachuma, a businessman who worked under the late MP Francis Munyua Waititu alias Wakapee as the CDF Chairman between 2013 and 2015 was eying UDA ticket alongside Eunice Wanjiru a relative to former Ruiru Mayor William Mugo and businessman Zack Wang’ombe.

Withdrawal of the party associated with Deputy President William Ruto from the race sent the candidates back to the drawing board with Wanjiru defecting to The New Democrats (TND), a party she will use to vie.

Gachuma on his side now says he is still in the race and is ready to battle it out on a National Liberal Party (NLP) ticket and believes he will cruise to the throne using his newly found party.

He dispelled rumours that he was supporting another candidate saying that he will be in the race to help him actualize the strategic plan he had for Juja with the late MP when he was the NG-CDF chair.

“I have not left race as some people have been claiming out there. I have very good plans for Juja and part of which is the strategic plan I had with the late MP,” he told People Daily.

Gachuma told off politicians outside the vast constituency against interfering with the area’s politics and urged Juja residents to make their own informed decision so as to get the right representation in parliament.

With Susan Njeri, the widow to the late MP having cliched Jubilee Party ticket, and George Koimburi having received People’s Empowerment Party (PEP) ticket, the race to find the next MP for Juja is expected to intensify in the weeks to come.

High profile politicians in the country have already expressed interest in the politics of Juja with 2022 prospects.

But Gachuma called on aspirants to conduct peaceful campaigns and avoid violence by all means to ensure that the area remains safe for investors.

“Juja people are peaceful and aspirants should remain as such. Politicians outside Juja should keep off and if they must campaign for their preferred candidates, they should toe the line of peace,” he said.

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