Judge, home owners tussle with developer moves to court

Thursday, October 17th, 2019 09:06 |

A senior judicial officer together with other eight home owners are involved in a tussle with a private developer over the ownership of properties valued at over Sh200 million in Lavington, Nairobi.

Nakuru High Court judge Joel Ngugi and his neighbours are opposing the development of a plot next to their Oryx Villa’s they have been occupying since 2008.

They, at the same time, claim ownership of the undeveloped piece of land, plot number LR No 3734/1046 being developed by Guangzhou Villa’s Ltd. 

Justice Ngugi was on Tuesday involved in a heated debate with the developers and police officers before he vanished inside one of the maisonettes. 

Grab plot

They claimed that the two plots had been amalgamated and presented a certificate of occupation.

The Guangzhou Villa’s Ltd lawyer, Royford Mwenda on Tuesday maintained that their client was the bonafide owner of the plot, adding that Justice Ngugi and other owners at the Oryx Villa’s were trying to grab the undeveloped plot.

“My client’s Plot LR No 3734/1046 is different from their plot LR No 3734/1045. The two plots originated from a land that was subdivided. We have the title and all documents supporting the same,” he said.

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