Jubilee disciplinary meet turns into shouting match

Friday, February 5th, 2021 00:00 |
Former nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura when he appeared before the Jubilee Disciplinary Committee at the party headquarters in Nairobi. PD/Kenna Claude

The hearing of a disciplinary case against Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura yesterday degenerated into name-calling, accusations and counter-accusations.

Mwaura appeared before Jubilee party disciplinary committee, in a session that lasted close to six hours.

Mwaura spiritedly defended himself, accusing the party disciplinary organ of having a pre-determined position to expel him because of his support for Deputy President William Ruto.

 “You already have a pre-determined position. The party vice-chairman David Murathe has actually said I am going to be expelled.

He has also declared he will support Raila Odinga for presidency. This meeting is just pure witch –hunt,” he ranted.

Mwaura, who was escorted by several lawmakers allied to Ruto, cited recent utterances by the Jubilee top brass as evidence that they were determined to expel him.

Another outfit

The Nominated senator had been summoned to appear before the committee for violating the party’s constitution by “pledging allegiance to another outfit, acting in a manner that is disloyal to Jubilee and contravening the party’s code of conduct. 

“On December 31, 2020, in Msambweni constituency, Senator Isaac Maigua, acted contrary to the conduct expected of a Jubilee member when he publicly announced his new-found political allegiance to the United Democratic Alliance party during the homecoming of the newly-elected Msambweni legislator Feisal Bader,” the charge sheet read.

Jubilee also faulted Mwaura for wearing another party’s branding material.

Mwaura, who accompanied by his three lawyers and witnesses would, however, hear none of the accusations, maintaining that he remains an active member of the party, who still remits the Sh20,000 monthly contribution.

“Since I joined Parliament, I have never voted against the party’s position. I have never voted in contravention even when some decisions are not clear,” he said.

On his part, Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungw’a, who appeared as a witness for Mwaura, argued that supporting the DP did not amount to disloyalty.

“We should be honest with ourselves and sometimes just say the truth. Our party organs are moribund, they are not functional.

The only organs we have are those of victimising people. If associating with the deputy party leader has become a crime, then you should be prepared for more sittings,” said Ichung’wa.

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