Jubilee candidate has not withdrawn from Kiambaa contest – SG Tuju clarifies

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021 21:37 |
Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju. Photo/Courtesy

Jubilee party has dismissed reports indicating that its candidate in the Kiambaa by-election slated for Thursday, July 15, has withdrawn.

In a statement released minutes after the reports emerged, party secretary-general Raphael Tuju termed the message as desperate attempts by their competitors who have sensed defeat.

“Even propaganda requires some intelligence. It is utterly absurd that some desperados can bank on the propaganda of disinformation claiming th3e withdrawal of the Jubilee party candidate in the by-elections scheduled for tomorrow,” Tuju said in the statement.

The ruling party urged its followers to treat the message with the contempt it deserves adding that its candidate Kariri Njama remains on the ballot.

Tuju further urged its supporters to turn out in large numbers and vote for their candidate.

“The Jubilee party candidate Kariri Njama Karanja is very much on the ballot tomorrow. Shame on those opponents that after sensing defeat have resorted to using an old, tired and primitive disinformation tactic used some time in the 1960s,” Tuju stated.

“We urge all Kiambaa voters to turn up tomorrow to exercise their democratic right,” he appealed

At the same time, Tuju revealed that plans are underway by a section of MPs to claim fake arrests on the voting day to attract sympathy votes.

The Jubilee SG has urged its supporters to ignore such reports in the event they emerge on Thursday morning.

“Kenyans should also be aware of another strategy of deceit in which some legislators are precipitating a situation of confrontation tomorrow morning and make claims that they have been arrested so that they may try and inflame emotions in the Kiambaa by-elections tomorrow,” he revealed.

The Kiambaa by-election has attracted 8 candidates including two independent and 6 fronted by various political parties.

The by-election, however, appears to be a two-horse race between the Jubilee candidate and his UDA party counterpart John Njuguna Wanjiru.

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