It’s Sh1.4m fine or 3 years in prison for quack doctor Mugo

Thursday, October 29th, 2020 00:00 |
Quack doctor James Mugo wa Wairimu.

Quack doctor James Mugo wa Wairimu has been fined Sh 1.4 million or serve  three years in prison for operating a medical clinic without a licence,  among other charges.

Wairimu was found guilty on six counts relating to operating unregistered clinics.

He was slapped with a total of years 11 years but he will only serve three years as they will run concurrently.

“The Prosecution has proven its case beyond reasonable doubt,” ruled Senior Resident Magistrate Martha Nanzushi.

Among the charges he was convicted on are unlawfully carrying unregistered pharmacy, operating a medical laboratory without registration and license from the Kenya Medical Laboratory Practitioners, operating a medical clinic without a registration and practicing as an unregistered nurse.

For unlawfully carrying on the business of a pharmacist while not registered by the Pharmacy and Poison Board, the Magistrate orderd him to  pay a fine of Sh420,000 or serve a jail term of four years.

According to the charge sheet, he was operating the said business known as Millan Health International Ltd at Kayole in November 2018.

Wairimu was also sentenced to nine months or pay a fine of Sh50,000 for operating a medical laboratory without Registration and License by the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologist Board.

He is accused that jointly with others who were not before the court he operated the said medical laboratory in Kayole without registration.

“The accused should pay a fine of Sh50,000 or serve nine months in prison,” Magistrate Nanzushi ruled.

On operating a medical clinic without registration from the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board, the Magistrate directed that he pay a fine of Sh500,000 in default to serve three years in prison.

Mugo was operating the said clinic known as Millan Health International Limited in Kayole without registration. He was also sentenced to serve six months or pay a fine of Sh150,000 for practicing as an unregistered nurse and three years or Sh500,000 for falsely presenting himself as a doctor.

Mugo has been in remand since he was charged in 2018 after the prosecution argued that he had four other pending cases of similar nature. In 2015 he was charged with rape and 11 other counts of operating unregistered clinics.

The court heard that he raped a woman at Prestige Healthcare Clinic in Githurai 44. He allegedly administered four tablets of unknown drugs to the woman with the intention of overpowering her to engage in sexual activity. He was arrested again in 2018 by Flying Squad officers in Gachie, Kiambu County after being on the run for two weeks.

At the time of his capture, police said that he was hiding in a house belonging to his cousin. He went into hiding after learning that two of his workers Victor Kamunya, alias Doctor Victor, and Risper Ouma had been arrested following a complaint by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board that they had been operating an illegal clinic.

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