It’s red hot wedding: Charity and Kamande walk down the isle

Saturday, August 24th, 2019 00:00 |
It's red hot wedding: Charity and Kamande walk down the isle.


Walk us through your dating journey

Charity: We had been together for seven years before walking down the aisle and exchanging our vows before God and man. We had a son already, but we had not yet had a white wedding.

What was the proposal like?

It was such a surprise and had me crying in public. Interestingly, I handled the logistics of that day. I invited people and picked the venue, knowing we were to hang out with close friends over great food and games. Little did I know they were all in on the plan.

What was it like planning the wedding?

It's red hot wedding: Charity and Kamande walk down the isle

It was quite a roller coaster, since we did all the planning ourselves. Things were smooth and sometimes, we had to deal with major hurdles, which was nerve-racking. It took us around 10 months to put everything together and during the final two weeks, we delegated some tasks to friends and family so that we wouldn’t have responsibilities on our big day.

Why did you opt for an indoor venue for your reception?

We did not want to leave weather inconveniences to chance. Pride Inn also gave us such an awesome deal, we couldn’t pass up.

How did you settle on the number of guests?

We wanted an intimate wedding, so we had an invite-only ceremony. We invited our close friends, family and also gave our parents the opportunity to invite a few friends. In total, our wedding guests were about 150.

Why would you say your wedding was successful?

Nearly everything went as planned. We ate, danced and had so much fun on that day. Our guests also enjoyed themselves thoroughly, and the feedback from most of them was extremely positive.

What was most memorable about your big day?

Walking down the aisle as my husband watched with our son in his arms, exchanging vows and dancing with the love of my life at the reception.

It's red hot wedding: Charity and Kamande walk down the isle.

Joseph: Seeing her outfit for the first time. She was absolutely breathtaking.

How about what stood out? 

Charity: Our outfits stole the show. My gown and my husband’s suit were also exceptional. Again, the make-up and hairdos were exemplary.

Yes, your choice of a trouser outfit, and for the bridesmaids too, was interesting. Tell us about that

After the proposal, I started thinking about what I would wear on the wedding day, and my major focus was comfort.  I wanted something that would give me room to dance comfortably but was still unique and elegant. I conceptualised my gown idea with the designer and we settled on the amazing jumpsuit with an over-skirt. For the bridesmaids, I envisioned them in pantsuits so we could all be in sync. We went for red since it is my favourite colour, and his too by affiliation. Grey and black came in handy to compliment the major theme colour.

What were the guests’ reactions?

Our families were pleasantly surprised, although the women who came to get me in the morning thought we were waiting for the actual dress. But they indeed loved it, even after the wedding, they still talked about it!


Photography- Antony Trivet Photography

Gown- Eselatelier (ES.EL)

MC- DuncoMusic

Make-up – Studio PrettyFaces

Hair- Bosco, The Roots Dreadlocks Centre

Sound- DJ Emvy

Caterer- Pride Inn Hotel Westlands

Reception décor- Pride Inn Hotel Westlands and Niknat Events

Rings- Maru Craft

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