It’s Nairobi Cocktail Festival weekend, here are ‘dawa’ variations you probably never knew about

Saturday, November 30th, 2019 00:00 |

The Nairobi Cocktail Festival is going down this weekend, and we decided to suggest what can sound like an oxymoron – cocktails with medicinal value. NAILANTEI NORARI presents dawa variations you probably never knew about

Kenyans love them a good hot toddy, aptly christened ‘dawa’ in many establishments.

It is a mix of honey, lime and vodka, with a few variants here and there. Dawa is touted as having healing properties, especially if one has a cold.

Though there are two main variations of dawa, the cold and the more preferred hot toddy, we will share the recipe for the cold one alone. We will also have other dawa variations such as naranja y mango, an orange and mango juice that is full of vitamin C, and therefore a potent curative drink for colds, commonly taken in Spain, and caiprinha de uva, which is a cocktail made with grapes, lime wedges and vodka, commonly drunk in Italy.

All the three dawa variations contain vodka, as there are claims that it can increase circulation, keep colds at bay due to having an antibacterial function and lower cholesterol levels; yet another reason to get mixing and tipsy. After all, you can claim these potent dawas do more good than harm, right?

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