It’s a German sausage party!

Thursday, November 26th, 2020 00:00 |
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Faith Kyoumukama @martkinel

I love bacon, but sausages are my second favourite. I know people get confused by the buffet spread at five-star hotels, but my ‘go two’ items (pun intended) are the above. 

I recently came across a different kind of delicacy, I have eaten this before, but this one was a tad bit different.

It’s not a foodie secret that Germany is known for their famous sausages.

This famous delicacy is made from minced pork and beef usually grilled and served in a hot dog or sliced into a curry sauce, however you like it.

Kenyan foodies, especially on the gram streets are loving this and they are trying different recipes in operating the sausages. 

Talio Foods is one of the companies that makes and sell this sausage in Nairobi.

When I spoke to the founder and CEO of the company Emily Clifton, she told me that she started selling these meaty items when coronavirus hit the streets earlier in the year, in March.

Talio has over 11 products, including ham and bacon that they supply weekly, but the most popular on their menu are the Cheese Krainers, the lamb chilli and the bratwurst.

Let’s learn a bit of German shall we, Bratwurst is a sausage made from veal beef and most commonly pork.

The name is a German word derived from Old High German and modern German.

Brat means finely chopped meat and Wurst is often associated with the verb to pan fry or roast

Hard to find locally

Apologies if you’re foodie twisted, I will explain. I recently got to try this German sausage and I’m able to give you a review that’s foodie-friendly.

You see, everytime I travel outside the country, I come across German sausages a lot.

In Kenyan hotels and restaurants, they are rare to find, with only specific places offering this in their menu. 

The cheese krainers is a pork sausage with small bits of bacon and cheddar cheese.

This were my favourite because of its character. It’s bat grilled, because when you shallow fry there is a spattering of the oil. 

The cheese in the sausage oozes boastfully in every bite. I don’t prefer putting this specific one in a bun so that I experience the full-on taste of smoked cheese.

Usually, when they talk of smoked cheese, it means that the sausage has been cured with the use of aromatic wood, which is burned to produce smoke.

Not only does the smoke give the sausage a distinctive flavour, but it also extends the storage life of the product.

I also had the lamb chilli sausages, they are slender and a bit shorter than the German sausages, but they are more flavorful. They are best served in buns with a swirl of mustard and ketchup on top.

The extra infusion of chilli adds character to this specific one. It’s has a distinctive peppery finish in every single bite. 

The pre-cooked ham is perfect for a cheese spread. You can also serve them in form of sandwiches.

What’s more interesting is that Talio has in the works a product that I came across in South Africa, biltong.

A form of dried, cured meat curated for snacking. I have seen many people eat dried and fried Silver Cyprinid.

Famously known as Omena, but not the Biltong. Meat seems to be showing off a lot of more these days.

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