Israel supports Kenya’s food security efforts

Tuesday, August 11th, 2020 00:00 |
Israel Ambassador to Kenya Oded Joseph.

Milliam Murigi @millymur1

The Government of Israel is set to set up two more model farms in Kenya as a way of deepening its cooperation the with Kenyan Government on matters of food security.

Speaking during a press briefing, Israel Ambassador to Kenya Oded Joseph said that following success of the Galana Kulalu model farm the two governments are in talks to ensure that more farms are utilizing Israel technologies to increase production capacity and ensure the country is food secure.

“Politics aside, our first farm model was successful as we were able to use Israel technologies and increase maize production from 10 bags as it is the norm in many counties to around 31 bags per acre.

This is why we want to introduce more Israel technologies in Kenya so that farmers are able to harvest up to 40 bags per acre.”

Though he couldn’t disclose where the projects will be located, Oded said that proposals are being reviewed and once this materializes there will be three model farms utilizing Israel technologies. 

To ensure that those projects are a success, the embassy will continue to facilitate more agriculture students to Israel for hands on experience when it comes to use of such technologies as a way of ensuring smooth transition.

“This year we were able to facilitate 100 students. This batch was specifically facilitated and will be working at the Galana Kulalu project however, we will be taking such numbers in future or even more to ensure that all farm models do not collapse once the Israel companies hand them back to the government.” 

He urged the government and farmers to embrace technologies in their farms to help the country become food secure. 

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