Irate sons kill father’s young lover

Thursday, April 9th, 2020 16:12 |

Police have launched manhunt of two men who beat to death a woman their father brought home on Tuesday night in the informal settlement of Dunga, Kisumu County.

The boys were agitated by their father’s blatant disrespect to their mother who has been hospitalized at Kisumu County Hospital with a terminal illness for the last six weeks.  

The two men aged between 18 and 23 years allowed the two to settle in bed then ambushed their father and his lover at about 10pm descending on the unnamed woman with hockey sticks leaving her for dead.

The woman died on his way to hospital.

Neighbors said they could not intervene due to the curfew decreed by the government and a longstanding fear of the boys who had assumed questionable characters.

A shopkeeper, who witnessed the incident, said the two boys overpowered their aging father then pulled the woman out their mother’s matrimonial bed before pummeling her with their hockey sticks.

“There was no way I could intervene as woman. First of all those boys are feared around here that all neighbors could do was watch and keep off lest their turn on you.

"Then there was that night curfew and a lot of people feared the police might arrive and find them outside.

"So people opened windows and just watched. Under ordinary circumstances the people would have intervened,” Rose Aloo told a local radio station

Kisumu County Police Commander Renson Lolmodon said the boys’ whereabouts were unknown but police will catch up with them.

“No matter how aggrieved you feel you cannot take the law into your hands.

"These are young men with their future ahead of them but what they have done will affect them adversely.

"There are dispute resolution mechanisms but taking the law into one’s hands is not permitted whatsoever,” he said

Neighbors also say enmity between the elderly man and his sons came about when their father neglected their ailing mother in the hospital.

Bringing another woman to the house was adding insult to injury.

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