Investigate Mwendwa over money laundering, Nyamwea tells DCI

Monday, July 13th, 2020 19:41 |
Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa.

Former Football Kenya Federation (FKF) boss Sam Nyamweya has called upon the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to probe his successor Nick Mwendwa over a secret bank account that could have been used to syphon local football money.

Nyamweya made the revelations yesterday as he claimed that Nick Mwendwa and selected football chiefs had been fraudulently operating a business bank account named and styled as Harambee Stars Management Board domiciled in one of the leading banks in Kenya.

“Football Kenya Federation has the propensity for financial impropriety, malpractice and an insatiable greed for money which has become the new norm under Nick Mwendwa regime.

Hardly has the Sh 244 million Afcon grant by the exchequer and the Sh135 million outside Broadcasting Van (OB) scandal resolved than another, major earth shaking scandal of monumental proportion been unearthed,” he said.

He added: “Bearing in mind that the Harambee Stars Management Board was disbanded and has not been in existence for the last eight years begs the question as to which board is operating this bank account and it's sources of funding.

Surprisingly too this bank account is not declared in the FKF Financial statements begging the question as to who authorized the opening of this account and for what purpose.”

Nyamweya said the hiding of material facts on the existence of the said Harambee Stars Management Board renders the FKF Financial statements invalid as they were based on non disclosed Bank accounts.

“Records in our possession show that millions of shillings have been withdrawn from this bank account and converted to forex in a suspicious and complex money laundering racket and as conduit for siphoning out money meant for football development,” Nyamweya said.

He added: “There is compelling evidence of suspicious transactions of large sums of money being credited and debited from this account from forex exchange sales and purchases begging the question whether the federation have become a dealer in Forex.

There have been mysterious credit transfers of hundred of Millions into the fraudulent Harambee stars management board account, dozens of unexplained and suspicious cash withdrawals.”

Some of the Transactions in the Harambee Stars Management Board account:-

1. On 9th April 2019 a suspicious transfer of Sh 101, 367,800 was credited into this account.

2. On 15th April 2019 Sh 51,308,061 debited as forex purchase.

3. On 26th  April 2019 Sh 879,505 debited for forex purchase.

4. On 29th  April 2019 a further Sh 8,743,255 million debited as forex purchase.

5. On 3rd May 2019 a local transfer of Sh 600,000

6. On 8th May 2019 a local transfer of Sh 1,700,000

7. 29th May 2019 a debit forex purchase of Sh 3,550,500

8. On 7th June 2019 Sh 40,120,000 was credited into the Harambee Stars Management board FKF as credit sale from forex and on the same day Sh 23,360,000 debited as forex purchase.

9. On 11th June 20190 and in another suspicious transactions a high ranking FKF official transferred Sh 1.3 million shillings in guise of purchase of players merchandize.

10. 11th June 2019 three withdrawal transactions on the same day each of Sh 250,000/= totaling Sh 750,000/=.

11. 12th June 2019 credit forex sale equivalent to Sh 2,010,000/=.

12. With a heavy heart a questionable benevolent cash deposit of Sh 255,000/= in the Harambee stars Management Board account supposedly in favour of the late Colleague and dedicated Lower Eastern Branch Chairman the Late Hussein Swalleh.

13. Unexplained Cash withdrawals on diverse dates by one Peter Kipchirchir an employee of FKF and a Mr. Franklin Shabanji Induswe, whose designation is uncertain.

14. Sometime in July 2020 Confederation of African Football CAF sent a grant to Football Kenya Federation of USD 200,000 which was immediately withdrawn from the Football Kenya Federation Account with one top official of FKF receiving USD 20,000, leaving a paltry USD 1,000 in the account.

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