Invasion of mango worms cause fear in Muguga Kiambu

Thursday, June 4th, 2020 12:59 |

Residents of Muguga village in Thika, Kiambu County now want the government to make prompt interventions to protect them from further attacks of 'harmful flies' that have been hiding under their skin.

The outbreak of mango worms at the village for two weeks now has left locals worried.

Victims said they started developing pimple-like boils which after pressing, a maggot popped out of the boil.

The problem started with a section of children who after hospitalization were treated and discharged.

Speaking at their homesteads, the victims revealed that the parasites can attack any part of the body including the back, legs, neck, and even the private parts.

Mary Njeri Mathai, a resident of Muguga said she has never experienced such an attack for the decades she has lived in the village.

Being a diabetic, Njeri expressed concern should she be attacked, she might develop other complications and urged the relevant agencies to intervene.

“I fear that if the parasites attack me, I would develop other complications and fail to heal the wound as it happens to most diabetic patients. It’s a real concern to us,” she said.

The residents took issue with officers from the Ministry of Health for dragging to address the matter despite making numerous reports.

Miriam Wambui, another victim said that while they have been told that the mango worms do not pose a serious health risk, the parasites and removal process is very painful.

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