Interview with beauty and fashion enthusiast Anne Wambui

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020 01:05 |
Anne Wambui.

Beauty and fashion enthusiast Anne Wambui, 28, has been in the beauty business for two years, and recently launched her new beauty parlour Ann Malika Hub. She chats with Chebet Korir about the venture and other style interests.

How did you venture into the beauty business? 

I first started with a small nail parlour early last year. The business was doing well, but I had dreams of owning a bigger beauty parlour.

A year later, I got an amazing space in the Nairobi’s central business district and decided to be fully operational. And that’s how Malika Beauty Hub was born.

The hub is a beautiful space. How did you come up with the design?

I personally came up with the interior designs through a thorough online research.

I then settled on gold and white colours, which I believe are attractive and welcoming.

A modern interior with a touch of class and sass was my plan, and that’s exactly what I got. 

What beauty services do you offer? 

We offer the usual hairdressing, manicure, pedicure and make-up, but with a touch of class. We also sell top quality skin care products. 

Has the social media helped your establishment?

We are currently living in an image-crazy digital world where people are obsessed to see images rather than words.

I’d say Instagram and Facebook have positively impacted my beauty salon to the market and simple reviews and referrals have played a big role in my business. 

Did you experience any serious challenges when setting up?

As good as I wanted to realise my dream, finances were an enormous challenge.

But I learnt how to balance everything I engaged into trying to set up the business.

Also, finding professional staff was quite a challenge, but with time I have managed to get a dedicated and loyal workers who have been doing a great job.

So far, I have nine staff members who play different roles at the beauty hub.

Is the parlour an exclusive for women? 

No. It’s a convenient place for both genders. Currently, we are offering pedicure and manicure services for men and soon we will introduce skin care products for them too. 

Who do you look up to in the beauty world? 

In Kenya, I look up to Michelle Ntalami of Marini Naturals. She has really played a big role in the beauty business and my dream is to follow in her footsteps and create a long lasting brand that will be fully accepted in the market.

Do you have a day-to-day beauty regime? 

I do and it’s quite simple. For the face, I first cleanse, tone, then use a Vitamin C Serum and lastly moisturise. Not only will you have a smooth skin, but also a healthy one.

What are some of the main beauty mistakes that women make? 

Overdoing make-up, using the wrong beauty products, not conditioning their hair frequently, abandoning the dead skin on their feet and not drinking enough water. Water is a natural moisturiser.  

Do we have a relationship between beauty and fashion?

Yes. The fashion industry is just an area of inspiration for beauty brands. For instance, your choice of wearing a nude lipstick or any bold colour is dependent on the mood, occasion and what you are wearing. 

What’s your go to beauty brand? 

Anything from Garnier and Maybelline. 

Your advice to aspiring beauty entrepreneurs.

Develop your vision and stick to it. Also, embrace the social media because it pays a big role in your business.

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