Independent Policing Oversight Authority probes shooting of Malindi man

Friday, September 3rd, 2021 00:00 |
Malindi sub-county hospital Medical Superintendent Job Gayo (centre) and a nurse examine Morris Kahindi after he was assaulted by police officers last week. Photo/PD/Charles Wanga

Charles Lwanga 

 The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (Ipoa) has launched investigations into the alleged shooting of a 50-year-old man by police officers who were enforcing curfew in Malindi, Kilifi county. 

Malindi sub-county Police Commander John Kemboi confirmed officers from Ipoa have already visited the station to gather evidence concerning the incident which left Morris Kahindi nursing a bullet wound at Malindi sub-county hospital.

He said the victim, who seemed mentally unstable, was shot on the leg by officers on patrol at Moi area after he allegedly tried to attack the officers with a panga.

Life in danger

“The officer, an inspector, had tried to restrain the suspect from advancing towards them with a panga and shot three times in the air but the suspect seemed undeterred,” he told journalists in his office yesterday

“The officer then felt his life was in danger  and shot him on the leg to destabilise him, snatched the panga and rushed him to hospital for treatment,” he added.

But when journalists visited the victim at Malindi sub-county hospital, he claimed the officer shot him while he was on his way home. He admitted he was drunk at the time.

“I was drunk when I saw policemen coming towards me,” Kahindi said yesterday at his hospital bed.

“I later heard gunshots and fell down only to wake up on a hospital bed the following day.”

Malindi sub-county hospital Medical Superintendent Job Gayo said Kahindi was admitted to the facility eight days ago with a bullet wound.

Mentally unstable 

Safari Kadenge, a local Nyumba Kumi elder criticised the police for acting unethically in enforcing the curfew in the area, adding that some even start curfew patrols as early as 8pm and harass resident still on their businesses. 

“I have been a village elder for five years and this is not the first time police have been accused of assaulting residents.

The victim has never been accused of assault despite holding a panga,” he said, adding that “everyone here knows the victim’s mental condition”.

Celestine Zawadi, a vegetable vendor at the area claimed on the fateful day, police raided the trading centre at around 8.20pm and arrested sellers and buyers alike.

Dama Kahindi, a sister to the victim, said that day, officers came with two vehicles before 9pm and switched off their lights before arresting people in the trading centre.

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