Implement disability policies, State urged

Monday, November 11th, 2019 05:57 |
Monica Mueni, the founder of the Disability Discovery Association of Kenya. PD/charles Muasya

Persons living with disabilities have called on the government to enforce policies aimed at improving the lives of disadvantaged groups.

They say majority of people with disabilities (PWDs) continue to languish in poverty because of failure to enforce existing laws.

Monica Mueni, the founder of Disability Discovery Association of Kenya (DDAK), says there is need to establish sustainable empowerment programmes for PWDs.

Mueni, who is a projects manager with Kitui county government, says County and National governments and charitable organisations should put in place sustainable programmes to mitigate problems faced by disadvantaged groups.

Real attention

Mueni, who is also a PhD students at the University of Nairobi, said DDAK focuses on the most marginalised groups who have been forced to the periphery, economically.

“We pay attention to PWDs who require real attention, in our estimation,’’ she told People Daily in an interview. 

DDAK, she said, had established a sacco to enable its 1,000 members to save and borrow money to improve their businesses and talent.

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