Impeached Wajir Governor Mohamud Abdi storms county offices to ‘resume work’

Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 13:27 |
Former Wajir Governor Abdi Mahamud appearing before the Senate in May. Photot/PD/FILE

Impeached Wajir governor Mohamud Abdi, armed with an alleged court order, on Tuesday September 7, 2021 stormed the Wajir County headquarters in an attempt to 'resume work'.

Abdi arrived at the county offices in a vehicle plated GVN 008A, seemingly suggesting that he was still the reigning county chief despite his earlier dismissal by the Senate. The former governor is reported to have made a lap of 'victory' in Wajir town purportedly celebrating his 'return to work'.

Senior counsel Ahmednassir Abdulahi confirmed the incident, terming it a circus that is now attracting national shame.

"This a circus and national shame. Former Wajir Governor got himself a fake and forged court orders and then gets himself a fake number plate and storms County offices this morning. So the impeachment by the Senate is wished away?" he posted.

Since Abdi's impeachment, the county has been under the reign of Ahmed Mukhtar, who served as his deputy. Mukhtar was sworn in as the third governor of Wajir County in May following the Senate's approval of Abdi's impeachment by the Wajir county assembly.

Mukhtar and Abdi have been embroiled in a back and forth political tussle with both claiming to be in charge of the county government.

Mukhtar kicked off operations in the county and has since appointed a new deputy governor. His former boss challenged the Senate decision in court, obtaining a stay order that directed that he remains the governor until the case is concluded.

Mohamud, who was impeached on the grounds of gross misconduct and abuse of office, has pulled numerous stunts, the recent one being attending a council of governors meeting in Makueni.

The embattled politician arrived at the meeting hour before Muhktar, occupying the seat designated for the Wajir governor.

Mohamud was also in June ejected from a Matiangi-led National Development implementation committee, meeting with the council of governors in Nairobi.

The ex-governor had arrived earlier than Mukhtar and occupied his reserved seat. It took the intervention of security personnel for Mohamud to leave the meeting and to surrender the seat to the serving governor.

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