I’m no one’s project – Speaker Muturi

Sunday, July 11th, 2021 12:38 |

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has answered his critics who have been claiming that he is a State project in his presidential bid.

Muturi said he is not new in politics and he knows how to maneuver his way without being assisted by anybody.

Speaking in Murang'a County during a meeting with church leaders of Covenant Clergy Alliance, Muturi said he is on his own and shall pursue his mission to the end.

"I have been politics long enough and I know where to go and what to do in politics," he said.

He said he shall be carrying out his mandate as a Speaker and his aspirations will not affect his work.

Muturi also sought to defend the Jubilee government saying President Uhuru Kenyatta has done a good job for this country.

He said what Uhuru has done is to lay the foundation for the country whose benefits will be realized in the near future.

"No single part of this country has been left out in terms of development and people might not see the benefits now but in future, they will," he said.

Muturi said those who have been ranting that the President has done nothing should stop misleading people and give him the respect he deserves.

"What kind of country have we become that we cannot see anything good being done?" He posed.

"People especially those from central region should be careful not to look back and wish they could have Uhuru back in leadership," he said.

The Speaker also said it's high time that leaders should consider restoring the dignity of the country.

He said most of the elected leaders are insincere in their work and have been working to bring each other down instead of working for the people.

"Once elected, the leaders only seek to serve their interests and engage in unnecessary sideshows. If you see someone doing good go ahead and do something better instead of trying to bring them down," he said.

He said the key transformation in the country shall be brought by better leadership urging the leaders to be accountable, transparent, and open to criticism.

Jack Kamau a member of the clergy said they are going to support in his bid teeming him as the best candidate to take over the leadership mantle from the president.

He said the church wi go out of its way to ensure the country's leadership goes back to track.

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