Illegal herders in Laikipia surrender with over 1200 livestock, govt announces

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 12:35 |
Laikipia banditry security.

A group of herders has surrendered their alleged stolen livestock to the police following a directive by the government.

The herders were hiding within the ranch before they surrendered, according to a statement sent to newsrooms from the office of Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai.

“Owing to the efforts by the government amnesty to illegal herders and armed bandits, a group of illegal herders hiding within the ranch surrendered today with a herd of 1200 heads of livestock,” the statement read in part.

The government have since offered to provide security and escort to the herders and their livestock out of the ranch, further urging any remnants hiding within the ranch to take advantage of the amnesty and move out.

Normalcy has since prevailed in the unpredictable Ol- Moran area within the Laikipia Conservancy, with schools reopening, albeit under tight security.

The success was due to the first phase of security operation that saw most of the illegal herders pushed out of the ranch and its environs.

Police had previously announced that total normalcy had been realized at Ol Moran Township, which had been adversely affected by the skirmishes.

“Schools have returned to normalcy with children living the ultimate dream of learning and playing happily,” part of the earlier statement read.

In the recent past, Laikipia has seen an upsurge in bandit attacks, with the most recent taking place on the night of Wednesday, September 8.

There have been perennial conflicts between pastoralists and ranchers in Laikipia County.

The clashes left a trail of death and destruction of property in the area.

The police have promised that they will continue to provide security in the region.

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