‘I’ll not harm you’ – Raila tells Mt Kenya region

Sunday, August 29th, 2021 19:38 |
ODM leader Raila Odinga at a church service in Murang'a. PHOTO/COURTESY

ODM leader Raila Odinga has said he has good intentions for the people of the Mt.Kenya region as opposed to claims by a section of leaders that he shall harm them if he becomes the president.

Speaking during a church service at Bible Fellowship Church in Kangari Kigumo, Murang'a County, Odinga said his decision to work with President Uhuru Kenyatta is evident that he means good for the region and the entire country at large.

He says the infamous handshake was not for the 2022 political agenda and the BBI agenda was meant to address fundamental issues which would bring good tidings to the people.

"We want to unite the country and lay a foundation for the growth of this country for the future generations," he said.

Odinga said he shall be reaching out to the people to support him in his presidential bid come next year.

"I have the interests of the people of Mt.Kenya region and I mean no harm to you because am not a bad person," he said.

Citing some of the biggest projects in the region including Mau Mau road, Kenol,-Sagana-Marwa road, Thiba dam among others, Raila says they were hatched when he was the Prime Minister.

Odinga also castigated deputy president William Ruto who has consistently been attacking his boss and accusing the government of poor leadership.

This is the third time in less than a month that Odinga has visited Murang'a county but he said he shall be going to other parts of the region once corona subsides.

Other leaders who had accompanied Odinga among them Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni, Suma East Mo Junet Mohammed, Simba Arati for Dagoreti north, nominated Mp Maina Kamanda and host Mp Ruth Mwaniki drummed up support for him saying he is the best-suited candidate to take over from Uhuru.

The leaders said Odinga has made a lot of sacrifices for this country and the people and thus deserves to be awarded for his selflessness.

Mwaniki said the country will be safe in Odinga's hands and thus people should give him a chance to lead the country as he has shown he has the capacity to do so.

Promising him support from the region, Mwaniki said people have taken note of all the sacrifices he has made and shall award him for that.

"Odinga has always put the interests of the people before his own and this shows the kind of a leader he is",she said.

Kamanda on his part warned that country might find itself in deep trouble if the leadership gets into the wrong hands.

He said the leaders from the region shall launch a massive campaign to drum up support for Odinga for people to vote for him.

Kamanda said the historical record for the former prime minister speaks for itself and there is no reason why the region should not support him.

"We are not going to sit back and watch out community being wasted away. We must get to the ground and tell people the truth," he remarked.

He said once Odinga declares his presidential bid, they shall go to every corner of the region and the country to campaign for him.

"This shall be another mau mau movement and we want our people not to make the wrong choice and live to regret" he added.

Kioni on his part urged the leaders and the residents not to fall into the trap of being incited to revolt against the president.

He said those doing so must have a hidden agenda which they shall reveal once their mission is accomplished.

"Why are we being incited against the president who is our kingpin and he has done so much for us?" he posed.

He advised the locals to be wise and make the right choice in the next general election and elect a leader who will look into their interests.

"Nine years being told a lie is very easy for people to start believing it as the truth," he said.

Junet on his part urged leaders to uphold the dignity of the country and respect the presidency.

He castigated those allied to Ruto who have been insulting the president saying it is unacceptable.

"It's such a shame to have leaders insult the president yet their master sits to listen as it were music"he said.

Arati echoed other leaders to say the country has been through too much already to allow any form of distabilization.

He took a swipe with Ruto and his close allies whom he said are hellbent to clinch to leadership saying Kenya belongs to all of us and each individual have the right to chose the leader they want.

"I saw some leaders talking with alot of bitterness as if anything will happen if they don't get the leadership they are yearning for, "he said.

"You should stop threatening Kenyans for no good reason" he added.

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