‘Ignore all this nonsense you’re hearing’ – Magoha fires at detractors, defends CBC

Thursday, September 9th, 2021 20:29 |
Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha addresses the press in Kisumu county, yesterday. Photo/PD/Viola Kosome

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has defended the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) against calls to have the new school curriculum postponed.

Speaking during a tour of schools in Western Kenya on Thursday, September 9, Magoha described the complaints levelled against CBC as 'nonsense'.

"All this nonsense you are hearing ignore them and I can assure you. In my life, I think the only thing that is happened now is the Competency-Based Curriculum. Let us not allow busybodies and politicians to divert us. Why would you think that we are not working behind the curtains to ensure that the transition is smooth?” Magoha posed.

Magoha's statement comes hours after Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Nelson Havi said he will file a petition in court against the new curriculum describing it as ineffective, expensive and inefficient.

Taking to his twitter account, Havi said the petition was informed by cries from parents, teachers and other stakeholders in the education sector.

However, Magoha blamed politicians and other persons whom he described as "busybodies" for shooting down CBC which is on the implementation stage.

Magoha further said that the government is fully committed to ensure CBC succeeds, noting that the new curriculum faces a few challenges which his ministry is aware of and is working on solving.

"It is also true that we have an infrastructure problem. How do you want us to deal with it? We are dealing with it. And I have said many times most schools are not filled to capacity. One does not become a professor without going to school. Some of those people who shout look at their credentials!" The CS said.

Addressing complaints from parents who said CBC is expensive, Magoha said the government had already procured books and learning materials needed in schools under the new curriculum.

At the same time, The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) plead with parents to exercise patience as the education body worked to resolve concerns raised by parents on the cost of books.

"Let us not throw the baby out with the bathwater. CBC is being implemented in phases to pave way for a smooth transition and to fix emerging issues," the statement by KICD read in part. 

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