I wasn’t compromised to drop charges, says Coast police boss

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020 00:00 |
Coast Regional Police Commander Rashid Yakub. Photo/COURTESY

Murimi Mutiga and Monica Kagia

Coast Regional Police Commander Rashid Yakub says he independently decided to withdraw assault charges against Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and not under duress.

Yakub filed an application to withdraw the case at the Voi law court yesterday, saying his “conscience had directed him to forgive and forget” the issue.

He said since the matter was taken to court, he has known no peace in his soul. 

“I was not compromised by Sonko, I don’t know him and I have never met him. I am a Muslim and I don’t habour grudges.

He assaulted me, but I have decided to move on. Even the Bible asks Christians to forgive those who wrong them,” he said.

“Those claiming I was pressurised to drop the charges must know we are human first and human is to error. Nobody can pressurise me to drop assault charges if I am the victim.

Sometimes, we can act out of anger and Sonko and I are not different. My heart is clean, after immense soul searching, I decided to let go the case,” he added.

The regional police boss had claimed Sonko kicked him on the thigh during an arrest at Ikanga strip in Voi on December 6. 

The matter had attracted huge public interest with some claiming police had used excessive force on the governor. 

In his application yesterday, Yakub said he is no longer interested in pursuing the matter. 

The prosecution told the court the “complainant has decided to withdraw his complaint.”  

This means Sonko could walk scot-free on the assault case. 

Yesterday, netizens questioned why Yakub withdrew the case with some accusing the officers who arrested Sonko of causing unnecessary drama and wasting public resources. Others wondered whether Yakub had been compromised.

Using Twitter handle @Warubuko, a netizen tweeted: “However, did the DPP forget to recall that once a public officer, especially law enforcement officer, is assaulted by an individual or criminal during an arrest, it is no longer a case of the ‘complainant’ vs the assaulting party.

The police at the scene are to blame for the unnecessary fracas as well. The police ‘officers’ (90%) behaved like a bunch of untrained security guards from a local village militia, as captured on camera...” 

Another social media user under handle @disqus_FL8EKN5y6M said: “The fracas was captured on social media and the issue of withdrawal does not arise.

We will be encouraging that behaviour by politicians fond of deriding perceived lowly public servants.” 

Senior resident magistrate Fredrick Nyakundi is expected to rule on the matter today. According to the charge sheet, Sonko assaulted Yakub while the officer was arresting him over corruption allegations.

Police officers Michael Muriithi, Fred Sabai, Stephen Mtawa, James Mwanzia and Ibrahim Ahmed were listed as witnesses in the matter.

Sonko’s lawyer Cecil Miller said the governor has no objection to the withdrawal of the case. 

Earlier, dozens of armed officers barricaded the road leading to the court to stop Sonko’s supporters from gaining access. 

Only journalists, lawyers and judicial officers were allowed to walk past a roadblock mounted near the court.

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