I have a right to move around Kenya – Jimmy Wanjigi to ODM officials ahead of Kisumu tour

Thursday, September 16th, 2021 16:44 |
Businessman and presidential hopeful Jimi Wanjigi (centre) when he met Orange Democratic Movement grassroots leaders recently. Photo/PD/FILE

ODM presidential hopeful Jimmy Wanjigi has said that he does not need any permission to popularise the party through political tours in the country.

Speaking on Thursday, September 16, Wanjigi cautioned an unnamed ODM official who allegedly penned a letter stating that the party's Kisumu branch was unaware of Wanjigi's tour of the region.

"There was some letter flying around from some official here saying they are not aware of my visit. Do I have to ask for an invitation? I don't understand. Do I need to ask people whether I am welcomed somewhere?" Wanjigi posed.

Wanjigi who revealed that the delegation he seeks to address will primarily consist of ODM members said he was sure that a number of party officials will be present during his meet the people tour.

"This is a free republic. I am an ODM member. I can travel anywhere in this country to popularise this party the best way I know. I am a die-hard member of this party and nobody should try to restrict me from my movements. Wakome sasa," Wanjigi said.

Before jetting into Kisumu, Wanjigi hosted business leaders in Ruiru, Kiambu county where he urged Kenyans to vote out all members of parliament for failing to protect them from the current tough economic times.

Wanjigi asked Kenyans to join forces and send the current crop of members of parliament home in the upcoming elections.

“I ask Kenyans to join forces to send all current MPs home for disappointing the common man,” he added.

Wanjigi showed his discontent with the Members of Parliament for failing to mitigate skyrocketing commodity prices.

“These are signs of government failure, and we cannot blame the Executive alone, but Parliament cannot disassociate itself from the current economic turmoil, especially on skyrocketing fuel prices,” Wanjigi said.

Wanjigi further accused lawmakers of failing to defend Kenyan rights by amending the energy act, which abolished the free market.

“The parliamentarians got us in the current mess by amending the Energy Act of 2019, which abolished the free market under President Mwai Kibaki’s regime which now allows racketeering to benefit at the expense of Kenyans,” Wanjigi said.

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