I am not DP Ruto’s supporter, we are partners – Duale

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021 12:28 |
Garissa Township Member of Parliament Aden Duale. PHOTO/COURTESY

Former National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale has put the record straight that he is not Deputy President William Ruto's supporter but his partner.

Speaking in an interview with a local TV station, Duale said that the framework of their partnership is through the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party and its agenda.

Duale claimed that he is only following Ruto because of a political agenda that is to implement the Bottom-Up Economic model when they form the next government in 2022.

"We have a political party called UDA, an agenda of the Bottom-Up Economic model as well as completely reconfigure the politics the Kenyan political landscape. We want to politic differently from how it was done before.

"We are not following the DP President just because he is called William Ruto or because he is from Rift Valley and a Kalenjin. We are following him because we have an agenda," Duale said.

The Garissa Township MP further revealed that he and his colleagues in the hustler nation believe that under Ruto's leadership, they will be able to implement the Bottom-Up Economic model.

Through Ruto's leadership, Duale said that the government's agenda will be all about the ordinary people and not the political elites as it has been in the past few years.

Duale further noted that though he is one of the founder members of the UDA and a partner, he is yet to be given a leadership position in the party.

"I am a founder member of UDA but nominally I am a member of Jubilee until I finish my term. I am sure by April next year when the political parties act will give us that window, you will see the new leadership that will be put in place beginning with our party leader," Duale said.

Duale also explained that it is the political betrayal that has been witnessed in the country over the years that has made him have difficulty in trusting fellow politicians.

The lawmaker said it is due to the trust issues in Kenya's political scene that has made UDA sceptical about getting into coalitions with other parties.

"Betrayal, deceit, failed Memorandum of Understands (MOUs), are common denominators of Kenyan politics. It this within that context, I don't think there are many people in Kenya within the political class who will say they trust someone a hundred per cent.

"And that is why we don't want to go into a coalition as UDA. We want to form a national party where every party will have a space and will have a voice," he said.

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