Husbands new reality check in these Covid-19 times

Monday, April 27th, 2020 00:00 |
Husbands new reality check in these Covid-19 times.

As we sanitise ourselves, stay safe and stay home, a lot of funny video clips are being thrown around on social media, especially where staying at home is concerned.

I think women are laughing their way to a better marriage, but before they laugh too loud may I remind them that he who laughs last laughs loudest. 

The videos range from one extreme of how guys are suffering now that they have nowhere to go, but stay home with their wives, to other videos showing how men are adjusting and adapting to this new normal.

In one of the clips I received this week from one of my WhatsApp groups, a daughter gives her dad two options.

‘A’, stay quarantined in the house with mum or ‘B’… and before she even finishes stating what the option B is, her dad quickly responds “B!”.

You can imagine the panic in this man just at the thought of staying quarantined in the house with his wife.

And this man may be speaking for several men who find themselves in this unfamiliar territory. 

On the other hand, I have also seen clips of men adapting to these challenging times, challenging not just because of the pandemic, but of staying home with mama.

These men have discovered things that have enhanced peace at home and made their wives enjoy their presence.

Some have cooked meals for their families, while others have gone back to playing some games like kati with their wives and children while others have also become their wive’s salonist, by helping oil her hair.

What a romantic way to wile the evening now that there’s curfew and no Premier League to watch.

I’m sure for such couples, things will be very different in their relationship post Covid-19.  

They say life is made up of choices. You can choose to continue living in fear like the man who quickly opted for the unknown ‘B’ option or to adjust and adapt to enjoy staying home with your wife.

The choice is yours and remember, we don’t know for how long this thing will go and so the sooner you make peace with yourself and with your spice the better these days are going to be.

Who knows, you may just come out of this season better rather than bitter. So, remember stay home and let the two become one!

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