How you have been taking some foods the wrong way

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 00:00 |
Hot lemon ginger with honey is a common beverage to fight a cold, but apparently, honey, when heated in any way, even adding to warm water, inverts its healing properties.

A 26-year old man from Bureti, Kericho county is under police custody for allegedly killing his father over milk.

The incident happened on Saturday 5 when the suspect, Philemon Ng'etich, arrived home at midnight and quarreled with his father Samuel Rotich.

An eye witnessed said Rotich had accused his son of arriving home late and stealing milk stored in the family's kitchen.

A brief altercation ensued from which the son picked a piece of wood and assaulted his father repeatedly on his head.

Other family members responded late when Rotich was already injured severely.

Rotich was taken to AIC Mission Hospital Litein but died shortly after.

The son is being held at Bureti Police Station awaiting to be charged.

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