How we achieved our dream Ngong Hills wedding without a planning committee

Saturday, January 18th, 2020 08:31 |

By Marcella Akinyi

Where did the love story begin?

Eric: We met in campus in JKUAT way back in 2013. We were in the same class, both studying Bachelor of Commerce.

Her character and beauty made me chase after her. So, I made the first visit to the hostel where she resided, but I had not made any proposals yet.

Slowly by slowly, I won her over. We became friends, then started dating.

How was dating like while in campus?

Since we were students, we would just go out for coffee dates and catch up. It was fun and we enjoyed every minute of it.

How long later did you propose and how was it?

The proposal was in 2015. I invited her for dinner at my place, after which I proposed. It was an unforgettable moment; amid tears, she accepted the proposal.

Did the wedding plans start immediately?

No. We started planning after two months, that was in February 2015. I first introduced her to my family and thereafter, she did the same. I went to see her parents in April the same year.

But you didn’t walk down the aisle until 2019. Did you face any challenges?

Indeed, it was quite some time before the wedding. We were bringing two different cultures together.

I had to pay dowry at a function that was a traditional wedding between Meru and Kipsigis and thereafter, we were allowed to move on to the church wedding.

The main challenges included finances, and I was working, so it took long to plan.

How did you raise funds?

Unlike the norm, we didn’t have a committee. We came up with a kitty over a year earlier, whereby we started seriously saving towards the wedding.

We had an idea of the kind of nuptials we wanted, and we were looking at keeping things simple but elegant. In addition, our family supported us in the entire affair.

What was memorable about your wedding?

I loved my outfit. I think it was well done and I was comfortable in it. My wife’s gown too was spectacular and I loved it. She looked so beautiful in it.

Again, I loved our bridal team that comprised of our family and friends.

They were very cooperative and gave us their full support. Thirdly, people came in large numbers, which was good.

Last but not least, our MC did a remarkable job of blending the two cultures and ensuring we were entertained. We danced like crazy.

How about your wedding venue? What was special about it?

We loved it. The set-up came out so well with the backdrop of the glorious Ngong Hills. It was really impressive.

Did anything go wrong on the wedding day?

We had a last-minute situation where one of our pageboys’ suit wasn’t fitting.

It was only an hour to the procession when we were looking for an alternative.

It was an over-the-counter purchase and the only available suit was black. Even though our theme was grey and baby pink, it came out well.

What were you and your wife doing the day before the wedding?

We were just making sure things were in place and by 4pm, we had switched off, waiting for the D-day.

We are grateful for our service providers, who did their job and none disappointed us.

What advice would you give a couple planning their wedding?

Have an idea of what you want and what your budget is, and plan early. Also, pray about it.

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