How to get through Valentine’s Day if it’s not your partners thing

Friday, February 14th, 2020 10:38 |
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Different people see Valentine's Day contrarily. To some, this is the day to express love for your significant other while for others it is just another day.

When your partner does not love valentines it can be difficult and maybe a good breeding ground for a major argument.

It can be very heartbreaking when your partner doesn’t like Valentine’s Day, especially when it’s such a big thing to you. But it shouldn’t have to be a miserable day.

Below are a few tips on how to enjoy Valentine’s Day even when your partner doesn’t want to celebrate.

1. Talk to them

Communication is key for a successful relationship so talking to your partner about how you feel is vital. Accept that they don’t really like valentines but make sure they acknowledge and respect the fact that you love it.

Suggest about doing one thing together, it does not have to be fancy, it could be anything simple from going out for drinks to getting a takeaway or maybe just make time and watch a romantic movie.

You cannot deny that doing one special thing together and on this day is a healthy compromise.

2. Have some ‘me time’ 

Valentine's day is all about expressing love and it does not have to all about love someone else’s. It could be a day for self-love.

Why don’t you do something that you love or treat yourself, pour yourself a glass of wine, go out for dinner, run a bubble bath? There’s no better day to practice self-care than Valentine’s Day.

3. Stay away from social media

We all know that social media platforms are usually flooded with posts of gifts, soppy statuses and engagement photos.

Do not make the mistake of looking through social media unless you are strong enough.

Once you have logged in you will see photos of people who are having what seems to be the best day of their lives, couples who have gone all out on valentine’s day.

The comparison syndrome might to creep in and make you feel miserable and start to feel resentment towards your partner for not being the same.

4. Spend some time with your friends

Your friends and especially the single ones who love valentines day as much as you do can be a good company. Valentine's day does not have to be all about your significant other it can be love for your self and the love between other friends.

Do something that is Valentine-themed; like a good movie, grab a bottle of wine.Stick on a good film, grab a bottle of wine and celebrate with people who love.

5. Accept that it’s just not your partner’s thing 

Valentine’s Day is often not for everyone and it should not be a bad thing. If your significant other is clearly not into Valentines you have to respect their stand and don’t feel resentful when the fancy show of love gesture does not happen.  

You can certainly influence what they do and don’t like, but if their mind is made up, that’s it. You can’t hate them for it. You can’t be mad at them for it. 

Think whether valentines is something worth wrecking your relationship over, if your answer is yes, then leave and get yourself someone who shares the same thoughts as you and if your answer is no then focus on enjoying this day yourself and also allow your partner to do their own thing.

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