How ministry cut short betting firm party mood

Monday, November 2nd, 2020 09:39 |

How ministry cut short betting firm party mood

A celebration to mark the return of a sports betting company’s operations in the country was dampened on Saturday when the government came down hard on the directors of the firm.

After a Friday night celebration at a top restaurant in Westlands business centre, all seemed well until the news reached the authorities.

Many believe it was a business strategy for publicity and marketing around the launch, but, it all fell flat when the Interior ministry called the press conference.

Dumping site row could nail lawmaker’s tenure

In Kisumu, the decision to move the famous Chokaa dumpsite to a new site has rubbed a sitting MP the wrong way.

The MP, usually kept away from events in the county, including a snub during high profile visit to the country like the President’s visit last month has protested the move, insisting there was no public participation.

The MP’s stay in the dominant party in the region has always not been welcome and his future looks hazy.

Long arm of the law catches up with PSVs

Matatus and other PSVs that park in the Central Business District were struggling with the current requirement that they should stay out of teh city centre.

Despite calls for them to stay out of the city centre, the owners and operators were struggling to find their next spot after Sunday deadline to leave their picking spots and further confusion came from the fact that Kenya Railways will start using the Railway Station termini for railway users.

MP accused of being part of fake land deal

Finally, a dispute over land ownership in Nairobi’s Eastleigh is headed for the court after it emerged the sale of the property was fraudulent.

The influential family that purchased the multi-million piece of land accuse an MP for authorising the sale of the land, while in full knowledge that the documents were not in order.

A caveat has been put on any further development as a decision of the courts is awaited.

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