How mild cold turned into lawyer Kipkorir’s worst nightmare

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 12:55 |
Lawyer Donald Kipkorir.

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir  yesterday narrated his tribulations while  battling Covid-19.

Kipkorir was admitted at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi for more than 14 days but has since been discharged and allowed to recuperate from home.

Kipkorir, 52,  narrated how what he thought was a minor cold turned out to be  his worst nightmare.

Although he did not have any signs of fever, dry cough or tiredness, on November 2, he experienced a cold chill in his body.

He says he was forced to  take hot shower, put on two T-shirts, sweater and two track-bottoms and cover himself with two duvets hoping it would go away but it did not. 

Days later after the cold spells persisted,  he decided to visit his doctors at Aga Khan University Hospital where he was diagnosed with Covid-19.

 He went for the virus test after all other tests conducted on his blood and urine could not yield anything. 

“I did not  and do not have the classic Covid-19 symptoms.  However, I tested positive. I had no fever. I do not  neither cough nor sneeze,” he said.

He continued: “I do not know where and how I contracted the virus.  All my friends and colleagues I had interacted with friends tested negative. I am, however,  certain I have not  infected anyone,” he added. 

Kipkorir says by the time he tested  positive, his lungs had been compromised forcing doctors to put extra effort to help his lungs recover and his oxygen levels increase to enable his body fight the viral attack.

  Flamboyant lawyer has since urged Kenyans to follow Covid-19 protocols to minimise spread and infection from the lethal virus. 

  In his story published in his Facebook account, Kipkorir asked his friends to contact him through text and Whatsapp to give him time  to heal. 

“By the time I tested positive, my lungs had been compromised. The doctors had to work to help my lungs recover, my oxygen levels increased to help my body fight the viral attack. I have been on cocktails of medicine  but recuperating well,” he said.

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