High rate of pills purchase by Murang’a women disturbs health officials

Saturday, November 21st, 2020 12:13 |
Contraceptive pills

Murang'a County Director of Health Winnie Kanyi has expressed concern over the high rate of women buying contraceptives over the counter in the county.

Speaking at Murang'a, Kanyi said women are avoiding to visit health facilities to get proper guidance on family planning, and instead, buy contraceptives from the chemists.

She warned that this might have adverse health effects on them because the drugs have severe side effects.

"The pills that women buy over the counter might have adverse health effects on them and I would urge them stop doing so," she said.

"There are parameters that the medics look into before they decide on what method to recommend for each woman," she added.

She said only 50 percent of women go to hospital for these services pointing out there is high stigmatization on family planning.

"When you talk of family planning many people think its denying women chance to bear children but this is not the case," she said.

"In rural areas, this topic is discussed in hushed tones because many are yeto to embrace it," added Kanyi.

The director said there is need to conduct more awareness on family planning for the women to embrace it.

Kanyi also pointed out that breast and cervical cancer are the leading ailments among women in the county.

She encouraged women to go for regular screening to help in early detection of the disease.

"Cervical cancer is curable if detected early enough and we have screening services in our health facilities," she added.

The director also urged parents who have daughters aged 10 years to take them to public hospitals for the HPV vaccine which she said helps in reducing the risk of cervical cancer.

Additional Reporting by Njange Maina

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