High cost of living, fuel prices and miraa farming take centre stage in Mudavadi’s Meru visit

Saturday, September 18th, 2021 17:30 |
ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi together with Governor Kiraitu Murungi during his visit of Meru County.PHOTO/COURTESY.

Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi has promised to revive the economy and ensure there is equitable sharing of national resources if elected president.

During his Saturday, September 18 visit to Meru County, Musalia held a closed-door meeting with Governor Kiraitu Murungi where they deliberated on problems facing Meru county and the country as a whole.

At a press conference, Mudavadi urged the people of Meru, Mount Kenya, and all parts of the country to support his bid for the presidency promising that his dream is to see Kenya prosper economically while ensuring equitable allocation of national resources.

"I am here. I want you to take a good look at me, especially in economic matters. I am knowledgeable and I know that if we work together we can change the lives of Kenyans. I am a confessor and I am looking for the presidency so that we can find solutions to our problems together,” Mudavadi said.

Mudavadi promised to significantly revive the agricultural sector to enable farmers to harvest more and market their farm produce not only in the country but also in neighboring countries and European countries, promising to look into the challenges faced by Miraa farmers in finding a market for the 'green gold'.

The ANC party leader promised to reduce tariffs on equipment and in particular (Farm Inputs) to reduce the cost of planting for all farmers in the country who grow different crops.

"We want peaceful elections and not toxic politics, we do not want hostile politics but politics that will carry our people together. Farmers cultivating miraa are getting in a lot of trouble because regionally the doors are closed to neighboring countries that buy miraa. We must find solutions open to regional trade matters so we can move our products in those countries including Miraa," Mudavadi said.

Mudavadi once again touched on the issue of rising oil prices and said that bad policy and disregard for good governance especially in the energy sector escalated the fuel prices. He emphasized his request to the government to reduce oil prices as Kenyans are being severely affected.

"The cost of living has gone up a lot because tariffs on oil and petrol have hit Kenya hard. And I have seen Governor Kiraitu holding the energy sector there was no pendulum on the price of petrol flying like now. He was able to keep it within reasonable parameters. If you see the price of fuel per liter rising by eight shillings, then there is a problem. We have to find a way to address this issue, ” Mudavadi reiterated.

“As the leadership of Meru, we are being scientific in the way we approach our politics. We have thought of inviting all leaders seeking the Presidency in 2022 so that they can talk in person, meet and interact with our people so that, when we come to select and vote for them, we know who we are supporting, what he/she stands for and how he/she fits in the context of protecting and meeting the interests of the people of Meru and Mt Kenya,” Kiraitu said.

Mudavadi and Governor Kiraitu later met with more than 300 leaders from various sectors in Meru County and discussed in detail how to address the challenges of the Meru people and especially issues affecting the economy, agriculture, the interests of women, youth, and the disabled.

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