Health workers trained to administer new jabs

Thursday, August 26th, 2021 00:00 |
Mombasa Health Chief Officer Pauline Oginga receives the Covid-19 jab on March 10. Photo/PD/File

Health workers in Mombasa are undergoing training on administration of new vaccines as the county prepares to  give the Moderna vaccine next week.

Chief Officer of Public Health Pauline Oginga said yesterday that the workers started undergoing training last week.

“We are still administering AstraZeneca doses. We have not started administering the new doses but what is going on now is that our officials have started receiving training on the new vaccines.

You see these new vaccines and each of them come with their instructions on how to administer, storage requirements and quantity of dosage.

The training is necessary so that when the medics are giving out the vaccines, they know exactly what they are giving,” explained Oginga in an interview with People Daily.

Moderna vaccine

She disclosed that the new Moderna vaccine would start being administered in Mombasa from next week.

“The Moderna doses are at the Kemsa where doses for every county have been stored.

By next week, the training will be over, every county will know the quantity of doses they will receive and we will start administering the Moderna vaccine,” she explained, adding that vaccines were being given to anyone above 18 years, provided they meet the required criteria.

She said the vaccine uptake among residents of Mombasa had risen. By Tuesday, a total of 46,630 persons were vaccinated out of which 25,819 were fully vaccinated with double doses of AstraZeneca. 

Of the fully vaccinated, 14,840 are men while 10,971 are women according to the latest figures released by Mombasa County Health department.

Some 4,179 teachers have so far been vaccinated with 2,675 of them having been fully vaccinated.

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