He bought you a car, where’s the logbook?

Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 15:49 |
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So, sometime back, and during her birthday, her then fiancé bought her a new car and you were there to witness. He made it clear to everyone that it was her gift. And so, the machine has been in her possession since that day on. You’ve even enjoyed free rides during those rainy rugby days and Friday nights. Oh, how convenient nightlife has been for you and the girls, thanks to this gift.

Until the day you wake up to news that they have broken up, he wants his car back and is actually threatening to involve the authorities. You laugh it off, thinking, “But I witnessed the whole charade? The car is ours, sorry hers, so hit the road Jack!”

Then you realise that all along the car was a borrowed gift, it is in his name! You ask and confirms that she didn’t bother asking for the logbook, Lord! You want to slap the ignorance out of her.

I don’t understand how women fail to insist that the car be registered in their name. We’re so excited to wave the keys around for everyone who cares to see, but forget to seal the deal. It’s a gift, for crying out loud! But first things first, incase someone got the meaning of the word gift all wrong. Wikipedia describes a gift as a present or an item given to someone without the expectation of payment.

An item is not a gift, if that item, itself, is already owned by the one to whom it is given. Although gift-giving might involve an expectation of reciprocity, a gift is meant to be free.

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So, this clearly means that the car is rightfully yours. Then why should it be in someone else’s name? Ask for the logbook; forget about trust issues because if he was genuine in the first place, he’d give the logbook before the keys. Why should someone’s gift be in your name anyway?

And I’m not talking about cars only. Even houses these sponsors buy you, make sure they’re under your name, just incase of anything. I just can’t imagine that you finally succeeded getting something out of him (let’s be real, that’s why you are there), then when you feel you are done with him and have what you wanted, you try leaving and he surprises you with documents.

All this time, he owns your house, car and everything else he bought you. Be smart and own your gifts. Seal the deal baby, get the logbook!

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