Havi announces departure from LSK, ending controversial reign

Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 00:00 |
LSK President Nelson Havi Photo/PD/FILE

Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President, Nelson Havi yesterday announced his imminent departure from the body’s leadership, signaling the end of his tumultuous reign.

In a tweet, Havi said the society will constitute an electoral board and approve Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to conduct the LSK elections on March 17, next year. 

Havi confirmed the LSK Special General Meeting (SGM) scheduled for September 24, will be his last assignment as the society’s president.

“The 24-9-2021 LSK SGM will be my last assignment as President. We will constitute the Elections Board and approve IEBC to conduct elections on 17-3-2022,” he said in a tweet. 

Havi, who was elected LSK president on February 27, last year for a two-year term, said the body had done its work in expanding the constitutional space.  

“With over 20 judgments against the government, advisory for dissolution of Parliament and stop of BBI we have done enough,” he added. 

Havi has openly declared his ambition to run for the Westlands parliamentary seat during next year’s polls. 

His tenure has had its fair share of challenges with the battle for control of LSK affairs between him and CEO Mercy Wambua leading to the emergence of factions among officials and members of the society. 

Assault allegation

This in turn resulted in several court cases with the latest an allegation Havi assaulted Wambua at their Gatanga Road offices during a meeting. 

Havi, however, denied assaulting Wambua, claiming she was not supposed to be in the said meeting, at which point he closed her laptop and told her to leave.  

He had averred that it is as the laptop was being closed that Wambua sustained injuries on her finger saying no one was assaulted. 

The embattled president later went on to advertise and shortlist three applicants for the chief executive position, a move that was stopped by the High Court. 

Justice Maureen Onyango, preserved Wambua as the CEO of the society, pending the hearing of a case filed in court two months ago. 

Supremacy battles between the two have led to disruption of operations. 

Havi and Wambua have been embroiled in a leadership wrangle dating back last year, after Havi accused the CEO of abetting corruption and misusing funds of the society. 

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