Gunmen shoot dead police officer, steal firearm in Suswa

Thursday, March 26th, 2020 00:00 |
Gunmen shoot dead police officer.

The gunmen who shot dead a Police Constable on Tuesday morning before stealing his rifle at Suswa Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) station, Section 9 had earlier communicated on mobile phones with some of the staff.

Preliminary investigations by a team of detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has revealed that it was an inside job.

Though the three went to great lengths including killing the officer on guard and changing the number plate of the getaway car, they only stole a cash box and left the scene without realising that it was empty.

The Commandant Railways Police Unit Rono Bunei said the robbers targeted some money that had been delivered to the station by G4S Security Services just a day earlier, on Monday.

“The robbers specifically asked for the cash box that contained the cash which was brought to the station by the G4S Security Services staff on Monday. We believe the robbery was an inside job,” Bunei said.

According to the Police headquarters, the gunmen, who were driving in a white Toyota Fielder then proceeded to the cash office where they stole an empty cash box, thinking it had money.

“We have obtained all the phone number of the staff and the G4S staff and are now doing an analysis,” said a senior detective who sought anonymity.

The in-charge of the SGR Station Section 9 Inspector Joseph Gethi reported that they heard some gunshots from the main gate and when they went to check what was happening.

At the scene, they found Constable Jona Too lying unconscious with a gunshot wound on the head. His firearm was also missing.

“We can also confirm that the robbers stole the firearm that the officer had been issued with,” Bunei said.

He was then rushed to Olubwani Medical clinic at Suswa but was confirmed dead by the medical officers.

Eye witnesses said the three gunmen, all armed with pistols drove to the gate and shot the unsuspecting officer before they proceeded to the cash office.

The cash was for payment of some tenders, casuals and general office administration.

Detectives led by the Commandant Railways Bunei and his DCI counterpart visited the scene and recovered three spent cartridges of 9mm calibre and the stolen AK47s sling.

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