Governor Nyoro blasts Waititu for hinting at bid to return to Kiambu leadership

Friday, November 5th, 2021 10:43 |
Kiambu governor James Nyoro PHOTO/COURTESY

Kiambu County Governor James Nyoro now wants his constituents to stop entertaining some of his gubernatorial competitors ahead of 2022 polls.

In a direct attack on the impeached Kiambu County Governor Ferdinand Waititu, Nyoro warned Kiambu residents against entertaining the theatrics of persons who are accused of misappropriating public funds.

The county boss termed it as an insult for Waititu to start campaigning for re-election even before the closure of his court cases, some of which resulted in his dethronement after he was suspected to have stolen from the county coffers.

“It’s not understandable how those who have been found to have embezzled public funds find courage to stand on a podium to ask for votes alongside defaming the elected. It's very unfortunate that Waititu is crisscrossing selling agendas to the people we will not delve so much into it but Kiambu residents will decide,” he said.

At the same time, governor Nyoro told politicians to stop empty rhetoric and instead show the public what they have done while in government instead of making empty promises.

“Even when they come politicking, please compare the pledges they make and what the government is doing currently. Some people who are making heavenly promises have been in government for so long, let them show how they have transformed the lives of the people,” he said.

The county boss enumerated a number of projects that the government has done including the over Ksh600 million Kirigiti stadium in Kiambu town, hospitals, good road infrastructure among others.

He decried that Kiambu has become the hub of all campaigns saying that residents no longer want handouts but visible development projects.

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