Governor Nyoro accuses MCAs, headteachers of stealing bursary money

Friday, January 15th, 2021 10:44 |
Kiambu County Governor James Nyoro addresses the press at a past function. Photo/PD/Samuel Kariuki

Kiambu governor Dr.James Nyoro has  accused a section of Members of County Assembly and unscrupulously headteachers of conspiring to  'defraud' his government.

He alleged that it's unfortunate to learn that 25 per cent of the money allocated for bursaries ends up in the pockets of individuals instead of the intended needy applicants. 

Speaking yesterday  at the  Kiambu county headquarters   during the issuance of bursary cheques worth Ksh100 million to needy students across the county, he claimed that when cheques are sent into respective school's  account, it's withdrawn and divided between the facilities management and civic leaders and the remainder given to the beneficiaries.

“The bursary funds that we are distributing now, 25% of it will not go to help the needy students. There is a lot of corruption as there are other people who send the cheques to schools and tell the teacher to cash it and split it half way amongst themselves and we have evidence to that effect,” said Nyoro adding that stern actions will be taken against culprits.

The county boss said that the county government will henceforth be following up on the bursary cheques  to establish whether they have served its purpose.

“We can not be fighting corruption on paper and pen and yet the vice is eating into our education sector," he said.

Nyoro said that the county government has plans to rehabilitate and construct new early childhood development centres (ECD) across the county and also put extra focus on vocational training centres.

“We need to sit down, that is the government, county assembly members, public and all stakeholders and discuss how when a student finishes vocational training that it is a must they get a job whether self employed or employed,” he said.

Nyoro said that the county government subcounty surveillance team on public health are prepared and ready to react in case of any Covid-19 cases in schools noting that over 20 ambulances are always on standby.

"We have experience  because when form fours, class eight and grade four resumed back to school, there were cases reported in Loreto high school and Mama Ngina and the county health team was able to respond promptly and addressed the issues promptly” said he.

He called upon Kiambu residents to observe the health compliance measures and ensure health protocols in order to keep Covid-19 at bay.

He said that the number of infections had reasonably decreased  but warned locals against complacency.

“At theTigoni covid centre there is less than 10 patients of Covid-19 and as the numbers of infection cases goes down, by the end of this month Wangige level four hospital to will start offering normal health care services, "

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