Governor launches mud-houses costing Sh20m

Monday, May 18th, 2020 10:38 |

Although politicians world over are cut from the same cloth, the Kenyan ones are a special breed.

Their propensity to launch anything and everything within their sight is legendary.

When you throw in a clapping, ululating crowd and clicking media cameras plus the ribbon, you have real clowns of personality ready to launch mundane of projects, see below…

Governor builds mud-houses each costing Sh100,000!

Housing is the basic necessity of humanity along with food and clothing but when it comes to provision of housing from government, the citizens expect proper housing.

In October 2016, Vihiga Housing Project and commissioned by Governor Moses Akaranga became the laughing stock of the county and the country in general after he was pictured proudly opening some newly constructed mud-walled houses.

The houses said to have cost some Sh20 million andd meant for the poor across the county were so unsightly that most wondered if that county had construction planners.

It was said each structure swallowed a whopping Sh100,000.

Akaranga and his media handlers did not see anything wrong with the commissioning ceremony as they proudly shared pictures of the houses and launching occasion on the county Facebook page!

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