Governor chases after party leader to save career

Monday, May 18th, 2020 17:37 |

Governor chases after politico to save career

A troubled governor is not giving up on his mission to seek audience with a senior politician to salvage his political career.

Last week, he camped outside a party headquarter for close to two hours waiting to see the politician who was meeting legislators from his party.

The party leader on the other hand fears being seen with the governor for fear of attracting backlash.

The governor believes only the renowned politician can sanitise him and revive his career.

Regional giant closes shop in Uganda, Dar

A leading conglomerate in the region is on brink of collapse.

The company has closed its offices in Tanzania and Uganda.

The firm is in the process of disposing off its office furniture in the two countries after its founder ordered the offices closed.

The company, whose monopoly has been eroded over the years by Chinese imports, seems to be on its deathbed.

The owner seems to have fallen out with his godfathers in government and is now facing a difficult time.

Politician’s son evades mandatory quarantine

Kenyans arriving from outside the country are put under mandatory quarantine as part of government measures to slow the spread of coronavirus.

But it seems those rules only apply to the hoi polloi, no? A son of a prominent businessman evaded going into quarantine after he arrived from London last week.

It remains a mystery how the man, who was among those who were evacuated from London made his way home from airport.

He is said not to have even self-isolated and is spotted walking around a city estate.


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