Gospel musician Ndilima rises from misery

Sunday, August 30th, 2020 00:01 |
Gospel musician Ndilima rises from misery.

Gospel artiste Prosper Ndilima has said the last two years has been his most difficult thus far.

Speaking with Spice, the singer who is back in the scenes with a new jam Tena Na Tena, said he underwent so many battles in that period, but used the tumultuous times to strengthen his faith in God.

“For me the Covid-19 pandemic found me moving out of ‘Covid-18’. This is so because last year saw me hit rock bottom.

From 2018 all through the 2019 I really battled a lot, but it was while at it that I got to grow a very intimate relationship with God and I became so receptive to hear and receive from Him,” he said.

He added that through the pandemic, he has learned it’s little things that matter, in making life a beautiful thing.

“I also learned to be more creative in life matters including spirituality, family, finances and ministry.

I have tested God’s grace amid turmoil, and I can only testify and extend it to others,” said the singer.

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