Gone in 31 days

Friday, December 4th, 2020 00:00 |
AFC Leopards head coach Tomas Trucha issue instructions during their premier league match against Tusker at the weekend. Photo/PD/RODGERS NDEGWA

One month, one day and one win down the line, AFC Leopards’ newest addition to their long list of tacticians, Tomas Trucha, has called it quits at The Den.

His resignation did not come as a surprise to many, as signs of a displeased coach were evident after their convincing 2-1 win over league rivals Tusker in the first round of the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) premier league matches last weekend.

Trucha is said to have tendered his resignation to his bosses after the match, against their will and they were hoping that he could change his mind as they gave him until today to sleep over the decision.

The tactician had expressed fears that threats to his Nigerian agent Prince Channiss, amounted to a threat on him too.

His exit forces ‘Ingwe’ back into the market in search of a replacement while Kenyan international Antony Kimani resumes the head coach once again in an acting capacity.

This is the second time Kimani will hold the position in the same capacity as he lead the team following the premature exit of Rwandese coach Casa Mbongo in December 2019 citing financial struggles.

Ingwe chair Dan Shikanda on Wednesday acknowledged that there was a problem at the Den and the coach felt threatened adding that they were ready to take it up with the police. 

He further promised to name and shame the people who were issuing threats to Channiss at a press conference slated for last evening.

“We won the match against Tusker but you saw nothing negative on our social media handles. Had we lost that match there would have been a lot of negative talk.

There are people trying to rock our boat and are using all avenues to unsettle the coach and do away with the gains the National Executive Committee (NEC) has achieved. 

No club in Kenya can afford the services of Trucha whose qualifications rank with those of English Premier League clubs.

He is here to help our technical bench and the club to grow, “ Shikanda had said in a press conference where the team’s shirt sponsors Betsafe were launching their operations in the country on Wednesday.

Shikanda denied claims that there was meddling of any kind with the coach’s job from the Executive Board saying that Trucha had been given a free hand to work with the squad he had.

“The NEC did not interfere with Trucha’s fielding in the Tusker match. That, again, is a lie being peddled by these same agents who are issuing threats to the coach and his agent because they brought us players whom we did not sign during the transfer window,” said Shikanda.

He continued: “These are the same people saying that we have more than the required number of foreign players which is a lie.

In an effort to destabilise the Club’s leadership, they are also questioning our expenditure during the transfer window.

We spend Sh 7 million for transfers and I do not see a problem with that.  Last season, I and other like minded individuals spend Sh 56 million to run the club and they did not question that.”

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